Listing Id 5087788 Length 40.00 Feet
Condition Used Type Sail
Model 4.1 Owners Version Engine Type Yanmar inboard diesel X 2
Hull Style Multi Hull Type GRP
Stock Number #BALI40120



BALI Catamarans offers revolutionary models which herald the future of cruising catamarans. 

Presented in breathtaking condition. Would suit a new boat buyer.

Equipped for serious offshore travel and live-aboard as a family in unequalled comfort.

Religiously maintained by her owner, a Shipwright and boat builder by trade and his French wife who has always kept everything immaculate at all times!

Catana Bali 4.1 designed for unequalled lifestyle afloat but also suitable for extended passages.

Sapphira has crossed two oceans and does not have a blemish to show for it. The Bali 4.1 is a credit to Catana Yachts extraordinary vision, quality and revolutionary innovations.

Sapphira was carefully chosen by her boat builder owner for the quality of her design and fit out. The family flew to France to watch the building and request some improvements where needed. The Catana Group were great to deal with and Sapphira did not disappoint!

Other than the factory inclusions, the owners added the following:

Wind generator: Rutland 1200 with remote control panel.

 Dingy and motor: 2.7m sun marine dingy with 9.9 Hp 4 strokes Yamaha outboard.

Anchor: 25 Kg delta with 60 metres of chain 10mm + vertical 1000W windlass + 15kg spare sand anchor.

Fresh Watermaker: 120l (32Gal)/hour, model 780-DML-2/Echo2tec.

Canopy on top deck under the helm station.

2 dining tables at the front sitting area.

AIS radar system send and receive

2 X Marine air conditioning SIOSAI model AMP-16KE/Ducted air conditioner with independent controls throughout.

5KG washing machine  added in the front lazarette and easily accessible while taking over no storage space inside the cabin. The machine is in beautiful condition and kept under a customised cover.

Specially engineered structure for solar panels at the back of the boat

LG TV 29 inches screen.

Dyson handheld vacuum cleaner, wall mounted (and to my view a life saving device on a boat!)

Projector and big screen in the main living area.

Kiwi Folding propellers (2 of them) to increase boat speed.

Extra portside Winch to use on spinnaker or code D or O.

Fenders (numerous)

Iridium Go! device with antenna and 1 spare sim card ready to pass on to new owner.

Radar: Raymarine quantum 2 doppler radar

Portable Hyundai invertor/generator HG40001-A2 3000W (no KVA display).


Over the past 12 years Nautilus Yacht Management has acquired a consistent reputation for carefully selected beautifully presented yachts designed and equipped specifically for the blue-water cruising and live-aboard life-style. We are privileged to be meeting such beautiful vessels around the world, as well as create lasting connections with their cruising families, both buyers and sellers.

Meeting Sailing Sapphira is a honour and an absolutely pleasure to be able to assist them with finding their exceptional yacht a new home who will take her on some new adventures! She is ready!

The Bali Catamaran, latest creation of the prestigious Catana Group, has only just started to arrive on our shores. I believe that they will take the world by storm and altogether set new standards for multihull designers and builders around the world. We all have our favourite designs, but few boats tick as many boxes as our first encounter with a Bali 4.1, which literally made us feel as if we were on a Superyacht and which we found hard to believe could pack so many extraordinary feature and usable space in a 41' boat. 

For this reason, should you wish to have your own brand new Bali 4.1 built for you, you could be waiting for several years, which is why Sapphira, presented in immaculate condition plus with the advantage to have been equipped to the very best standards by her shipwright owner for a safe, luxurious and thoroughly enjoyable life across the oceans as well as when at anchor, she represents a highly enviable option and we doubt that she will last on the market.

No wonder Sapphira's owners, a charming Franco / Australian family - whom you will meet in our fresh-of-reel video feature now available on our Youtube Channel - have told me that they have been asked again and again to sail to Australia just so that they could bring their boat to sit proudly at the Sydney or Century Cove Boatshow. We are not surprised! The yacht is in showcase condition through and through. She is simply breathtaking and will satisfy the most fastidious boat buyer.

We could go on and on about Sapphira and what and exceptional boat she is, but we will let the pictures and 38 mn long speak for themlseves. Catana has outdone themselves with this design. Bravo! This is innovations on innovations that actually work! They are well ahead of the pack.

For more information and to obtain the detailed technical data for Sapphira as well as the Bali Catamarans list of extras ticked at the time of purchase please let us know. We will endeavour to anseer all your questions in as many details as needed.

To finish with is a little quote from Catana themselves: "With the prestige of a famous brand, CATANA, whose reputation grows a little every day, our clients benefit from the fruit of 30 years’ experience in boatbuilding as well as the dynamic skills of our teams. The men and women of the CATANA Group share a passion for using the most advanced and most environmentally friendly technologies to help realise our clients’ dreams.A passion for quality Yachting is our vocation, and combined with our know-how, we have developed industrial tooling without equal, to the benefit of innovation.We continually strive to offer our clients the best in marine construction and the best possible service at every stage, so they have greater enjoyment and security sailing on all the oceans of the world."

Why not visit their website and check our their online magazine, which is downloadable, and visit the Catamaran Bali website for some more eye-candy! Meanwhile, with our head office in Sydney (Australia) but a fully staffed branch in Fiji, we are available at anytime to bridge the gap crated by the Covid travel restrictions and welcome you to a video call, get to know the family and our team on the ground, as well as organise a survey at Vuda Marina and a delivery to your preferred location. 

NYM has assisted hundreds of cruisers, new or old to this magical lifestyle make their dreams come true with ease and with the sense that they come first. We purposefully keep our company stocks limited to have more time to devote to both buyers and sellers, especially now that with Covid, individual relationships based on trust and working together as a team with the buyer and seller are more import than ever.

For additional information, such as import, delivery, choice of registrations, insurance etc. please don't hesitate to ask. Our team is here to help answer your questions and keep you informed with the latest developments with regards to custom and travel limitations in our part of the world. 

Get in touch!



"SAPPHIRA is an awesome Bali 4.1 Open Space catamaran by Catana Yachts, owner's version 3 cabins and 2 bathrooms, spacious, super comfortable and has been fully customised and fully equipped to do long passages (it has so far crossed the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans.

She sailed beautifully across the oceans and navigated us across the globe without a glitch (expect an average of 6knots in a breeze of 20knots true reeling off the miles all day long with little if any effort on the part of the crew and with the autopilot working like a charm), but this "one of its kind" boat concept really comes alive when living on anchorage or cruising around a group of islands. She offers amazing indoor and outdoor spaces for everyone to enjoy the Seabreeze and watching sea creatures from the top deck, the helm station and the supersized front sitting area while staying completely dry. 

She has had only one owner and our family has fallen in love with the living spaces and practicality of living aboard Sapphira. She has never been rented out. The boat registered in Australia but no import tax has been paid.

Being a new boat, it has all the bells and whistles that contemporary living offers with ample storage spaces, ample kitchen spaces and workbench for cooking. 

The kitchen is an open space and you feel part of the family even when cooking. 

Complete privacy in the master bedroom occupying the all portside hull with its own ensuite and desk/lounge area and sliding door with full length mirror. 

Many sitting area and sun lounges available throughout the boat included a 8 people sitting/dining indoor area, 10 people sitting/dining outdoor area at the front of the boat (making the all boat a massive usable space).

Helm at the top deck with 2 seats sun lounge next to it to accompany the skipper along. Plus 3 seats lounge area at the back of the boat and 2 seats lounge on the starboard side.

In our own words why we fell in love with the design of our boat...! (Wait there is more!)

.-We fell in love with the open space design when at a boat show in Australia, the ability to have the all back door going up, extend the size of inside/outside space so much!We feel very connected to the water at all time.

-We also love the “guillotine window” out the front in the kitchen, it has many benefits including a great air flow throughout the all boat when it is opened and when the back door is opened, it allows for uninterrupted views of the water when cooking in the kitchen, also allows for passing out all the food and dishes directly to the front lounge/dining area without having to walk with things in your hands around the boat especially when at sea it is very handy!

-We love all the cupboard space in the kitchen, but also in the bedrooms with a total of 4 seperate hanging cupboard for clothes as well as storage and drawers under each bed.

-We love the owner’s version bathroom that is very spacious, massive cupboard space and big counter top sink. Also love the full size walk in shower on both sides of the boat.

-We love the full size fridge/freezer, when you open the fridge all items are at your eyes level making it quick and easy to fetch the item you need from it. We are able to do a full week fruit and vegetables and cold items shopping and store all of it in it as if we lived in a house.

-We love the front lounge/dining area: best place to entertain and have a sundowner for many people, we eat dinner there most evenings passing all the dishes through straight from the kitchen to the dining area thanks to the guillotine window. Our boys also love sleeping out there (massive cushion area at the front) on week ends and watch the stars while they hear the water lapping against the hull!

-We have installed a projecteur and a screen on the boat and we love watching movies on it, it feels like going to the cinema. The boys have had many “movie nights” with their friends, they had up to 9 kids sitting comfortably around the lounge to enjoy the movie!

-For the yogi fan (that’s me the mum in our family), there is plenty of outdoor deck space to do Yoga, but my favorite place is the top deck of the boat next to where the boom is, it has the prefect space for yoga and meditation.

-When the captain is on top deck navigating, the rest of the family love to join right next to him on the double lounge/bed area located right on top deck (It even has several cup holders next to it for coffee or a wine, you can spot every wonders from the seas there like whales, turtles, dolphins, manta rays, sharks etc…

-All the fabric of the lounge and cushions are easily washable with a sponge so stains don’t impregnate into the material.

-There are many power and USB Plugs throughout the boat including all bedrooms, kitchen, lounge area making it easy to charge your computer/iPad/phone etc…

-I also love that in the owners version there is a full sliding door for complete privacy from the rest of the boat and it reveals a full size mirror!

-The davit is super easy to use with the electric winch making pulling the dingy up a breeze and without having to take off the motor each time (we only took the motor off the dingy when we did the Atlantic and Pacific crossing).

-We also got the boat with all its black out curtains making all the bedrooms completely dark for sleeping which is a great advantage especially when you are on watch at night and need to sleep during daylight…

-The space under the sink has 2 pull out bins of 30 litres each making it easy to recycle and bins are tucked away.

-There are 2 speaker systems on the boat, one inside and one outside in the outdoor lounge/dinning area and you can reduce one while increasing the volume in the other one, so you can dictate where you want to listen to music or audiobook either inside or outside or both at same time, it is very handy again when someone needs to sleep in but you want to listen to music outside.

-We also love that we have 2 fresh water toilet with electric flush, there is no back smell from seawater toilet and it is exactly like flushing a toilet inside a house.

There are many other advantages but what we love the most about our boat is that after 2 years of full live aboard with a family of 4 (with 2 active boys), we still feel like we have plenty of spaces to escape to when you want to be on your own for a while between the bedrooms, the inside lounge, front outdoor lounge or top deck lounge as well as the outside back lounge. 

It is truly a boat to enjoy living on the water without compromising on comfort.

Our Journey in a quick snippets:

We took possession of Sapphira in La Rochelle in France in May 2019… We then went to Brittany to catch with family and spent the next couple of months making the boat blue water sailing ready and added many options to make it very comfortable to live on for next 2 years.

We then sail around Spain for a few months enjoying summer before crossing to Canary islands and then Cape Verde en route to cross the Atlantic (it took us 14 days to cross and we had good winds the all time making it an enjoyable crossing).

We visited the Caribbean for the following 3 months before getting into lockdown in Bonaire due to Covid… we were lucky enough to be able to swim around the Boat into the most amazing water and fish life in Bonaire. 

The boat became our “home on water” for next 3 months (we were not able to sail due to covid)

In May 2020, we were finally allowed to sail towards the Panama Canal and we then crossed the Pacific ocean arriving in The marquesas Islands in French Polynesia after 30 days at sea. The winds were not as strong as our first crossing  but thanks to our code D sail (to use on lighter winds) we managed to cruise nicely towards our destination.

We spent the next 7 months discovering all the islands of French Polynesia and it has been a fantastic experience for us even putting our kids to School in Tahiti for a couple of months to experience the language and the Polynesian Culture… But as the end of cyclone season was approaching, it was time for us to continue our journey back home to Australia…

We sailed to Fiji crossing another part of the pacific ocean in 17 days (this time we did not have much wind at all:) oh well at least it was a very smooth ride)

We are cruising around Fiji for next few weeks but our ultimate destination is home to Australia. As much as we would love to continue cruising for ever, we need to head back home and start working again and send the kids back to school, and with a new business about to be acquired we will just not have the time to cruise on Sapphira anymore, so we have decided to sell her so another cruising family can enjoy her the way we did for the past 2 years...

The aim is to find a committed buyer while we are in Fiji, and then either deliver the boat to NZ or Australia depending on where the buyer comes from. 

There is also the possibility that the buyer will not altogether be from either of these countries in which case we will fly home and leave the boat in Fiji for her new owner or delivery skipper to take her to her new home."



  • Raymarine I70s instrument for Log/depth sounder and wind. 
  • Radar Raymarine 
  • P70s autopilot. 
  • Raymarine Axiom Chart plotter and GPS. 
  • Possibility to view the chart plotter and radar/AIS from a screen at the helm station on top deck as well as from a 13inch Ipad located at the navigation table (but moveable) inside the cabin. 
  • Raymarine VHF radio Ray63. 
  • Stereo indoor and outdoor speaker Fusion MS-RA70N with bluetooth pairing on any device



  • House batteries:  4x130AMPS GEL, 
  • Engine batteries: 4x130Amps GEL, all 18 months old.
  • Victron Multiplus combined battery charger 70 Amp - Inverter 12/220v, 1600VA compact 12v 1600VA and 70 Amps AC transformer capacity.
  • Victron inverter 230V/450W. 220V shorepower.
  • 220V shore power plug for electrical circuit with outlet in cabins, saloon & galley 
  • Battery controller / monitor
  • Wind Generator Rutland 1200 with remote control panel.
  • 1000 watts combine solar power with regulators
  • Portable Hyundai invertor/generator HG40001-A2 3000W 


  • 2 fresh waters showers heads fully separated from the toilets and fully enclosed.
  • 2 electric and fresh waters toilets (only need to push a button).
  • 2 holding tanks located midship behind bathrooms walls with level reader.
  • 50 L hot water system, electric from shore power and heat exchange from port motor.
  • Outdoor hot and cold Fresh water shower head located portside for rinsing after wimming.



Located upper mid ship. 

  • 3 LPG burner stove (full size LPG bottle located in front lazarette) with auto shut off in case of leak.
  • ENO oven.
  • 2 part sink.
  • Full size fridge/freezer (brand Lieherr) 265L (70Gal), run by Victron Inverter.
  • 2 pull out 30L bins under the sink,
  • Had manufactured additional pull-l out draws (4 added) for ease and extra storage (see video).
  • Water filter and seperate drinking water tap located by the sink.
  • All standard kitchenware included kettle and toaster, Italian coffee maker, oven trays, pots and pans, food storage container, etc. All Cutlery and plates and glasses and bowls are also offered to the new owner if they wish to have them.


Electric davit to lift the dingy out of the water.

6 Mooring lines.

Portable Charcoal BBQ.

Many USB ports (some were added) throughout the boat  (10 in total including some on top deck at the Helm station).

Heaps of power point throughout the boat (7 in total).

Over head lights in all the bedrooms 

Recessed surround hidden mood light for a beautiful effect at night.

Electrical fan in each of the bedrooms.

All beds are queen size beds.

All bedrooms have ample clothes storage spaces including 4 good size hanging closets (2 of them in the main bedroom).

Additional Bed in the lounge area with drop down table and mattress to sleep an extra 3 people. The entire outdoor dining area transforms into a giant lounge.

2m wide movie theatre screen drops down from the back of the cockpit with LED projector installed overhead. The whole area can become a luxurious cinema rivalling what you would find on the best super yachts! The screen rolls up and disappears when not needed but can also be used as a shade. 



8 people Seasafe lift raft with quick release cord and grab bag exp 05/2022.

Easy pull life ring for man overboard.

Standard first aid kit.

3x red hand flares, 2x smoke flares and 3xrocket parachute flares, all expire 04/2023.

2 manual bilge pumps (one port and one starboard side) and 4 electrical bilges pumps (one in each engine room and one in each hull).

6 x fire extinguishers located throughout the boat exp 31/12/2023. 

1 fire blanket.

8 harnesses and 8 life jackets.

1 bosun chair.

A soft canvas drogue (Sea anchor).

Individual EPIRB: Kti safety alert exp 2028 and 1 extra EPIRB  smartfind 406 (note this one expired in 2017 but the test button shows that it is working).

Also note that there is a SOS button on the iridium Go! as well a distress alert call on the VHF marine radio. (DSC)



  • LED navigation lights 
  • SS pulpits with Polywood seating 
  • Hot & Cold cockpit shower 
  • Aft cockpit courtesy lighting 
  • Extra Fresh water tank of 400 L for a total capacity of 800lts 
  • Kit of two high cupboards in kitchen 
  • Corner sofa and meridian/daybed cushions 
  • Aft bench cushions 
  • Salon tilting bay/door mechanically assisted by pneumatic struts
  • Gas struts on 5 cockpit lockers and engines hatches 
  • Second ladder on portside to access to bimini 
  • Saloon to forward-cockpit window fully retractable 
  • Saloon Lateral sliding windows 
  • Forward cockpit and helmsman seat cushions 
  • External roof curtains for sun protection of the saloon (White Batyline fabric)
  • Colour Diamante TAUPE
  • Cushions for maxi transat
  • Sunbathing cushions for foredeck
  • Convertible saloon table for double berth (cushions included)
  • 2 layers of antifouling for tropics with Epoxy base coat
  • Southern hemisphere compass
  • Canopy on top
  • 2 tables at the front
  • Mozzie curtains
  • Air conditioning unit x2
  • Washing machine 6.5kg
  • projector and screen
  • under water lights
  • solar panels ss frame
  • folding propellers
  • extra winch portside



2 X Yanmar 3JHSE

40HP X 2

Engine hours: 939 and 926

Immaculate condition.


Folding KIWI Prop for extra speed.

10 knots max speed and 8 knots cruising speed




DISCLAIMER: The Company offers the details of this vessel in good faith but cannot guarantee or warrant the accuracy of this information nor warrant the condition of the vessel. A buyer should instruct his agents, or his surveyors, to investigate such details as the buyer desires validated. This vessel is offered subject to prior sale, price change, or withdrawal without notice.