Cabin Fever Cook

Boat Catering Advice - The Cabin Fever Cook is a chef on a mission to give Yacht and Boat readers all the best tips for food handling, preparation and storage on yachts and boats.

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Messing About In Boats - Food, Fishing 'n Tinnies

Messing about in boats is great. Boat trips and fishing days are good fun and here are some tips for when your mates get hungry in your tinnie.

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Galley Cooking at Sea on Yachts & Boats - Food & Storage Tips

If you want to know the correct temperatures to store various food at then this article is a must-read!

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Cooking seafood safely on yachts & boats

Selecting cooking and storing the right seafood the correct way on your boat or yacht is vital for food safety. Here are some important tips.

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Crunchy Roast Potatoes easy to cook onboard boats & yachts

Above and below. Vegetables under ground and above ground - how best to cook each type...

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Good Cooking - Value for Money Recipes - Pies for Show on Boats

Saving money is not just a case of looking for the cheapest price, it's about the QUALITY for that price.