Rifen Marine

Based in Rockhampton and built by an experienced fabricator and long time fisherman Brent Riley, Rifen Boats manufacture custom built boats that we believe will impress even the most dedicated boatie / fisherman. The construction and overall finish of our boats is second to none.

If its a custom Fishing boat your after for commercial or private use or a boat for the family day out then we can help. Here at Rifen Boats we strive to help you out whatever your needs may be, from open dingys starting from 4.65m to 8m full cabin offshore boats.

  • 6 Dooley Street


Stacer 589 Sea Runner
Stacer 539 Sea Runner
Stacer 589 Sea Runner SE
Stacer 539 Sea Runner SE
Stacer 519 Sea Runner SE
Stacer 589 Crossfire SC SE
Stacer 589 Crossfire SC
Stacer 589 Crossfire RC
Stacer 539 Crossfire SC SE
Stacer 539 Crossfire SC
Stacer 539 Crossfire RC SE
Stacer 539 Crossfire RC