Find safety information and requirements for boating, yachting & general watercraft in Australia at Yacht & Boat.

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Yacht & Boat Boating Safety for Yachts, Boats & Watercraft in Australia

The Yacht and Boat – Boating Safety section is always growing.  More information becomes available every week on new boating safety equipment and information. Safety in boats, yachts & watercraft – at sea or in calm waters – is a focus of the Yacht & Boat web site. Our boat safety information is presented to the Australian boating community based on our close collaboration with the State and Federal Government bodies for Maritime Safety in Australia. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please EMAIL US and we will do our best to source it for you. Click on the headings below to go to your chosen area of interest… Safety Requirements The boating safety requirements vary in each State of Australia. Whether you are boating in open waters or enclosed waters all your safety equipment must meet the minimum requirement including the correct type of PFD lifejackets. Find…

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Sleeping On Boats Safely Boating Articles

Sleeping aboard can be one of the joys of boating. Water lapping against the hull combined with a gentle rocking can provide a great night’s sleep

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Boating Safety Requirements in South Australia (SA)

There are minimum requirements for boats under 8 metres in length and boats 8 -15 metres in length.

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Safe Boating Regulations & Requirements Melbourne & Victoria - VIC - Australia

Boat safety requirements in Victoria vary from powered to sail vessels and in varying conditions.

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Yacht & Boat Safety Requirements in Australia

The Search and Rescue Council (SAR) International Satellite System has become increasingly effective and efficient in terms of its detection and rescue coordination.

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Boating Safety Requirements NSW - New South Wales - Australia

For boating safety on life jackets, safety equipment, PWC safe zones please click for more information