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Roast lamb

Howdy folks,

Now, with spring in the air, it’s time to think about Australian Lamb. Have a try of my easy to barbecue recipe.

So let’s have a look at meat on the carcass, the way it’s cut and the uses for the various cuts.

Imagine the carcass standing on its hindquarters, like we do.
In all animals at the butcher’s, the top part nearer the neck are the cuts that we use for stewing and braising (also the shank and brisket). This is because of their stronger muscular structure: they need a longer cooking time with a moist environment to prevent drying.

With Lamb, though, the meat is young enough to be tender everywhere and both methods can be used on any cuts. We call it ‘lamb’ until it’s about six months old.  Then it becomes ‘hogget’: the meat is redder, darker and the fat is white instead of cream coloured. Look for the lamb stamp on the skin to see the approved difference in appearance.

The fat in lamb, hogget and mutton has a relatively distinct taste that lends itself to onion and fruit stuffing or mint or caper sauce.


Now, try this month’s recipe for Lamb parcels with goat’s cheese and sundried tomatoes.  Friends have enjoyed this one for a long time now.  It’s a favourite.


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