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Land Sickness - There's only one cure - Go Boating

Land Sickness…

There’s only one cure.

Land Sickness – its a pandemic sweeping the world.

Do menial tasks make you want to throw up?  Does the office environment make you queasy?

You could be one of the thousands of individuals suffering from Land Sickness.

Do either of these videos feel familiar?

Yacht and Boat – Land Sickness Campaign (The Office) from Yacht and Boat on Vimeo.

Yacht and Boat – Land Sickness Campaign (Swaying) from Yacht and Boat on Vimeo.

If you are having trouble viewing the videos due to the high traffic volume we are experiencing, please feel free to download the files below. Why not send them to a friend or two? Tip – you’ll need Quicktime to open the videos below.  You can download Quicktime here.

 Land Sickness – at the office

 Land Sickness – swaying

If dry land and the daily drudgery of office life makes you violently ill – it’s time you discovered the cure for Land Sickness – go boating!

To get you started:

Yacht and Boat has all the resources you need to get out on the water – safely.

So what are you waiting for – now you know how to cure your Land Sickness – it’s time to get out there!

Visit the official Land Sickness website for more information. 

You can even download screensavers to help keep your Land Sickness at bay whilst you’re at work!