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Contende - Recipes for boating and family fun

Contende – St Josephs College

Howdy folks,

It’s proving to be a hot old summer this year, so even better excuse to get out on the water more than ever.

While you’re moored up or becalmed, there’s an interesting recipe book just out – photographed by former Joeys boy, Ian Carlson.

A lot of sailors are former pupils of St. Joseph’s in Sydney, so Ian, who spends far more time at sea than his wife, Felicity would like, has worked on a special St. Joseph’s cook.  

Recipes have been contributed from all the Joeys Mums, Dad’s and students.

I like the book because it is so well set out.

And the recipes are all ones you could cook yourself without any panic.

The pictures are great.

And of course, there are some great boating and picnic ideas.

There are easy fish recipes and lots more.  I can recommend the delicious seafood stew.

It’s called Contende.


Safe boating and fuss-free cooking: till next time.