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New Bass Cat Margay 17ft released
30th Aug 2011

The new Bass Cat Margay is the newest addition to the Bass Cat family and slots in between the Sabre FTD and Sabre in the range. Suited to motors ranging from 75hp up to 150hp the new Bass Cat can be fitted out be a full blown tournament missle that run close to 70 MPH or a more sedate 32-32 MPH running rig. The choice is endless.

This is the New Margay. The newest member of the Bass Cat family. It's a 17'9" 150 HP rated Fishin' Machine with the features you need at a price you can afford!! This boat will perform too, mid to upper 60's MPH w/ the Mercury 150 proXS.

It has a Giant front deck for the room you need. It also has a ROD BOX for your 8' rods!! Want BIG GRAPHS? This boat can handle them too, in-dash and bow mounted.

This Rig is for anyone looking for the quality of "BCB" without breaking the bank for a new boat. Be the first to own one right here!!