Flying Fish Hovercraft is showcasing the Marlin II hovercraft at Sanctuary Cove

The Flying Fish Marlin 2 Hovercraft in action
6th Jun 2011

Flying Fish                                                                                    

Exhibitor Flying Fish Hovercraft is showcasing the Marlin II hovercraft in an Australian boat show release.

Flying Fish Hovercraft is a leading UK manufacturer of small recreational and utility hovercraft, which is now available in Australia.

The Marlin II is a versatile amphibious vehicle, which can be used for diverse activities include mussel farming, search and response, water sampling and ice patrol.

With the hovercraft’s ability to float like a boat yet travel over land and water, the vessel can be used as a tender for large vessels. It has a load capacity of 180kg or two/three people.

Powered by a quiet, reliable and economical four-stroke ,air-cooled engine with low servicing requirements, the hovercraft is easy to drive.

Buyers receive a training session and user manual with each craft. The Marlin II can be supplied with davit points, fishing rod holders and navigation lights

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