5000 hours of rock solid service and still going strong

5,000 hours of rock solid service and still going strong
1st Dec 2011

People travel across the world to enjoy the unmatched fishing around Ahipara, on New Zealand’s northern tip.

So local charter operator and commercial fisherman, Andrew Morrogh, demands reliability and performance from the engines he puts on his boats.

“In 2005, we decided to repower our alloy cat with Mercury Verado 225hp engines for the ease of Mercury’s power steering and the fly-by-wire gearshift, as we move in and out of gear a lot each day,” Andrew said in a letter he wrote to Mercury.

“In five years these engines did over 5,000 hours work... that’s over 250,000 kms in a car and a car doesn’t go into salt water every day!”

“We’ve been very pleased with them.”

If that’s not impressive enough, the Verados were still performing so well after at least 5,000 hours that Andrew sold both of them.

“As far as we know they are on another boat running to this day,” he wrote.

Because of this track record, Andrew has had no hesitation replacing those engines with another set of Verado 225hp outboards.

“We take these engines regularly offshore when taking customers fishing, and go further out when in fishing competitions,” Andrew wrote.

A happy customer who’s very pleased with the awesome performance he’s received from his engines, Andrew signed off his letter simply “Thanks Mercury”.

And thanks Verado.

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