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New Speed Boat

New Speed Boats & Sport Boats

If you are looking for a new speed boat or sports boat this is the place to start your search. Browse sports boats and speed boats by brand, or you may like to read our boat reviews to continue your research. What's the difference between a speed boat and a sports boat?  Not much really, which is why we've combined them in this category.  Read on for more detailed info...

Speed Boats

A speed boat is generally a boat that has been designed for the purpose of speed, excitement & exhillaration. Speed boats are very sleek in design so they can cut through the water quickly and have larger engines than other boats of their size. Some speed boat brands available in Australia include Pegiva, Chris Craft, Sea Doo Jet Boats and Baja.

Sports Boats

A sports boat can also go fast but that is not its main purpose.  Sports boats are great 'all rounders' and can be used for a variety of boating activities including towing, sking, cruising, day trips, fishing and family recreation.  A sport boat is, as the name suggests, a more sporty looking boat - much like sports cars. Good examples of new sport boat brands are Bavaria, Cobalt, Mustang, Regal, Sea Ray and Sting Ray.


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Cobalt Looks Astern

For the past two model years, Cobalt Boats has placed particular emphasis on design aft. Aft, as in multiposition, multifunction expanses of upholstered comfort in the cockpit’s sternward square-footage. Now comes the introduction of a proprietary new covering for the platform, that hub of good- time activity recently made even more enjoyable with the arrival of Cobalt’s immediately acclaimed swim step.

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