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Boat Safety

The Yacht and Boat - Boating Safety section is always growing.  More information becomes available every week on new boating safety equipment and information.

Safety in boats, yachts & watercraft - at sea or in calm waters - is a focus of the Yacht & Boat web site. 

Our boat safety information is presented to the Australian boating community based on our close collaboration with the State and Federal Government bodies for Maritime Safety in Australia.


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Safety Tips

Learning the basics of boat operation and safety is best done before your first trip to the marina or launch ramp.

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Safety Requirements

The Search and Rescue Council (SAR) International Satellite System has become increasingly effective and efficient in terms of its detection and rescue coordination.

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Boat Safety Requirements WA

Responsible skippers carry with them extra gear that is suitable for the trip. All safety equipment on board must be maintained in very good condition and be accessible at all times.

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