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Getting Started
14th Jun 2011

Getting on the water is not as difficult as you might first think. There is a lot of boating information available, which is great but it can make things seem more confusing than they are.

Our aim at Yacht and Boat is to take some of the confusion out of boating by providing basic information as well as a marine directory for additional information.

As a prospective boat owner - your best resources are a reputable, ethical boat dealer, your State Industry body, your State Government body and your own research.

This section does not constitute as professional or legal advice and should act as a general information only.  Please read our site terms and conditions for more information. 

If you're an aspiring boat enthusiast, you'll find boating information on obtaining a boat licence through to tips on choosing a boat, registering a boat and links to where you can obtain the professional training you need to give you confidence on the water.

So, if you're thinking of a runabout, inflatable, kayak or personal watercraft - or perhaps you have your sights set on a luxurious sailing or fishing watercraft - there's tips here for all Australians.

There are a few ways to get your feet wet.  Some ideas you might like to consider are…

  • Hire a boat
  • Attend a Boating 'Open Day'
  • Go to your nearest Boat Show
  • Visit your local yacht or boat club
  • Ask a friend to take you out on their boat 
  • Get in touch with a reputable Boat Broker for a test sail, advice and information.

What's next?