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Are Fjord the boats of tomorrow ?
29th Jan 2009

Most know of Bamford’s work on the Wally Boats and the most innovative boats seen on the Mediterranean are usually his.

Fjord ‘boats of tomorrow’  

Windcraft Australia, the exclusive agent for Fjord, will showcase the Fjord 40 Cruiser, making its Australian debut at the 2009 Melbourne International Boat & Lifestyle Show.  

According to Windcraft Australia’s Peter Hrones, there are many features that make the Fjord range ‘the boats of tomorrow’.  

“The debut of the Fjord 40 Cruiser introduces a unique new experience of motor yacht living to Australia,” Mr Hrones said.  “Designed by Allseas Design and built at the Hanse yard, the cruiser will wow the Victorian crowds as the Open did at Sydney. 

“The one level architecture provides previously unheard of living space onboard – just open the sliding doors, tilt back the sofa and see how the cockpit sublimely connects to the living quarters.  “The powerful, economical and efficient Volva Penta IPS system introduces new technology in the minimisation of noise generation… it’s extremely fast and extremely quiet.” 

Epoxy construction, usually used only in one-off, very expensive race boats, is another standout characteristic. 

“Epoxy is 30 per cent stronger than polyester, and with the Fjord hull design it will make it more fuel efficient due to being 10 per cent lighter,” he said.  “But best of all, it remains osmosis free for higher resale.”  

The high-tech factory in Germany which produces the brand specialises in the use of this expensive top- of-the-range resin, yet Fjord boats are still competitively priced alongside polyester production boats. Patrick Bamford oversees the project. Most know of Bamford’s work on the Wally Boats and the most innovative boats seen on the Mediterranean are usually his.

It’s his expertise and talent that contribute to making Fjord the most innovative motor yacht on the market.  

The Fjord 40 Cruiser retails at around $739,000.  

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