Amalgamation of Volunteer Marine Rescue

Safety of life at sea, and on enclosed waters will remain the focus of Marine Rescue
16th Dec 2008

Amalgamation of Volunteer Marine Rescue

The NSW members of the AVCGA welcome the Ministers' response to the Price Discussion Paper on Volunteer Marine Rescue (VMR) and looks forward to working with Diane Beamer and her Facilitation Group towards the formation of a new Volunteer Marine Rescue Service in NSW in a form that will cater to the needs and expectations of all volunteers and the community they serve. 

The Coast Guard volunteers would like to see that the new Marine Rescue Service provides, at minimum, an organisation that would meet the standards they now enjoy, including a democratic governance model and access to internal training commensurate with commercial standards. They would like in addition to see NSW Marine Rescue is adequately funded, with the State government being prepared to match its rhetoric with increased funding.

During the formation phase of the new organisation, the NSW members of the Volunteer Coast Guard will, as always, maintain the current high standards of VMR in NSW by continuing their vessel and radio base operations, training of members and education of the boating public. Safety of life at sea, and on enclosed waters, will remain their priority.  

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