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Boat share syndicates are based at various marinas around Australia. They offer possibility of up to 14 part owners of a single brand new boat, cruiser or yacht.   Or, for example, membership of a boat share business, where you can pay a joining fee and an annual membership fee per month over two years. This would give you access to a boat for between 15 and 25 outings via an online booking system. So you can either be a part owner with specific guaranteed access or a group member with access to a fleet with choices within the flotilla.

All systems include various maintenance, berthing and insurance costs. Some offer luxury services via a concierge, extra training in navigation or your own skipper for the day.  Other luxuries can be delights such as full mini-bar refill, skipper valet berthing, linen, towels and re-fuelling – a total walk-on-walk-off five star service.

There are fractional ownerships where you can buy not one, but two or more share units and so entitle you to more days afloat in the year.  Some options allow you to book more than your entitled days for a fee, assuming they are not required by the ‘owner’ of those dates.  Owners can generally swap dates or defer bookings, given notice as all share management is organised online from the base marina.