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Would you like to have equity in your own boat but feel you can't justify the cost given the time you'll have to use it? Well you are not alone.

The equity is a crucial differentiator for us.

For many people it simply doesn't make economic sense to own a boat outright - industry research shows that typical boat owners are on board their expensive vessels for barely 3 weeks per year.

So, quite simply don't own a boat outright if you will only use it part of the time.

Smart Boating's yacht share and boat share programs allow you to own a part share in a sailing yacht or powered boat for a fraction of the cost of its outright purchase and upkeep, yet still enjoy above average use every year. We syndicate Hanse Yachts, Seawind Catamarans and Greenline Hybrid Motor Yachts.

The main benefits of shared boat ownership from Smart Boating are affordability, cost justification, practicality and enjoyment. Owning a boat can be part of your lifestyle, not all of it!

Whatever your budget, by dividing the initial boat purchase and running costs into ten, shared ownership allows you to own and use a much more expensive boat than you would if you were to purchase and run one on your own AND still retain most of your capital for other purchases.

And, it makes far more sense for your usage of that boat to be in line with your ownership - if you will only use the boat for around 10% of the year only own 10% of it!

The real success of a shared ownership arrangement is how it is operated and managed. Smart Boating has a wealth of boat management experience and looks after all the boat's administration on behalf of the owners including managing bookings, paying bills, organising maintenance and arranging repairs and upkeep as necessary. Experienced professionals, all based at the marina, maintain the boats ensuring you enjoy hassle-free boating and that the boat retains its optimum resale value.

What better way to impress your guests than to arrive at your boat which is clean, refuelled, fridge cold and hatches opened ready for your enjoyment?

Smart Boating has already helped in excess of 150 owners enjoy these benefits from our new walk-on, walk-off marina at Bayview.

Here's a typical comment from one of our owners:
"Having always wanted to own a yacht of our own, joining a syndicate has made it an affordable reality for us right now - rather than years off in the future. The on-going management also means the boat is always properly maintained and we get all of the fun, and none of the hassle of boat ownership." Sean and Zoe 

Our fleet is growing all the time and share prices start from as low as $22,900.

So call us NOW to discover the Smart Way to Get Afloat - we look forward to welcoming you on board.


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