Little River Marine Olympus Rowing Shell
Molendinar, 4214, Australia

Little River Marine

Surfers Paradise,QLD 4217

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Listing ID 8335 Length 26.11 Feet
Condition New Type Row Boat/Dinghy
Make Little River Marine Model Olympus Rowing Shell
Number of hulls 1 Hull Type Fibreglass

The Olympus is designed for the serious rower; one who thrives on excellence. It guarantees a challenge each time you pull the oar and feel its effortless glide. This is "state of the art" rowing at its finest. We have engineered a truly competitive race trainer design with its sleek, carbon fiber hull and impressive specs. But what is more impressive are the features not found in today's classic racing shells; durability and economics. The Olympus incorporates the same technical advances in design and construction as our PRO AM series with emphasis given to its stiffness and rigidity. This is accomplished by way of a contoured "I-Beam" keel that spans from hull to deck, running the entire length of the shell. Its "accordion like" properties allow it to absorb sudden impacts, yet handle the torque, tension, and weight that lightweight shells of this design require to endure season after season. Many clubs nationwide consider the Olympus the easiest of all 12 inch boats to set up. The hull has a slight center chine which adds stability; making it easy to row for people of all sizes. As most racing hulls are inherently fragile to any weight improperly applied, the Olympus uses a foam laminate superstructure that allows you to step anywhere within the enclosed cockpit, which is also self-bailing by design, and has a reverse splashrail for a dryer ride. The anodized mono-tube rigging is totally adjustable to pitch, spread and height (standard equipment on all competitive shells), along with the "universal pitch" bracket geared to handle the demands of the most highly skilled workouts. For fine-tuning the efficiency of your rowing technique, the Olympus offers a built-in three-quarter rise (the seat tracks rise from the stern to the bow), allowing the rower to drive through the stroke more square to the feet - a standard feature of all Little River shells) and a wide raised bow point (this adds buoyancy to the bow when rowing through choppy waters, and is also a required safety device in all U.S.R.A. sanctioned races). It too has a fin for true tracking, along with two drain plugs, a breather porthole and toweye. When you combine all these features into a functional and sophisticated craft, you would expect to pay a price comparable to other shells in its class, yet the Olympus is surprisingly one-half to one-third the cost of a competition racer. It is winning respect in many clubs and organizations throughout the country for its performance as well as value, accommodating the most highly skilled rower, while handling the rigorous standards previously known to only recreational craft. The Olympus is a truly versatile shell designed for the serious oarsperson; one who is challenged by its performance and spirited by its pleasure.