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New Zealand's largest selling trailer boat manufacturer, Stabicraft Marine aims to be the leading international innovator of rigid pontoon trailer boats, to offer the best value to customers and to be the brand of choice for boats used in all serious marine sports activity and rescue craft

Pedigree of Stabicraft

At the southernmost corner of New Zealand lies Foveaux Strait, a notoriously stormy stretch of water that separates Stewart Island from the southern mainland. The men who fish there naturally treat these waters with great respect.

It was in 1986 that two local Foveaux Strait fishermen approached the fledgling Stabicraft Marine with a brief to design and build a small, rugged, unsinkable pontoon style boat. The key criteria was, it would have to allow them to fish these waters in almost any condition and always bring them and their catch safely back to their mother boat. This began the evolution of a brand that was to set world-class standards in aluminium rigid buoyancy boat design and construction. Even today Stabicraft Marine's standards are without equal of performance and safety. Precision build and thorough testing ensures Stabicraft's superiority.

Right from the beginning Stabicraft Marine instituted a program of research, development, thorough hull testing, and meticulous attention to detail. As a consequence, you can be sure that every Stabicraft to leave the factory is built to the highest possible standards of engineering precision. The hull design has been thoroughly tested beyond what you are ever likely to ask of it and the build quality is still there even in the places you'll never see.

With a dealer network across all major cities in Australia, take a good hard look at a Stabicraft and you'll see what we mean. Better still, take one for a test run in rough water. You won't want to give it back, because you'll quickly realise that at last you can enjoy adventure with confidence.

Stabicraft Boats

345 Bluff Road
New Zealand

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Walking up to a Stabicraft there's no avoiding that initial visual step back most seem to take. Yet on closer inspection I find my first reaction fades into acceptance. It will never win a beauty pageant but we should still appreciate a Stabicraft's safety and handling abilities

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